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We are Tandem

Discover a new way of travelling

The trips we take define us mold us and transform us based on our discoveries. The memories we make, the places we visit, the people we meet and the experiences we live are what make of us someone completely new at the end of the road.

Tandem was born to accompany you on that path, giving you the opportunity to choose how you want to go. Discover a completely new way of living in cities, looking for your pulse and following your own rhythm.
WELCOME We are like you
We want you with us because we are like you, dynamic, independent, free and eager to live it all. Whether to make each day a new start, a small success or a great adventure. Holidays or work, it doesn’t matter, as long as we arrive somewhere. Are you coming with us?
The Corner.
Good togetherLooking for the essential
Forget about conventions, labels and any pre-established script. Look around you and think about what you really need. You will be surprised to discover that LESS, almost always, is MORE.
TRAVEL SOUL MATEShare the journey
Sharing is living! Sharing is adding up. Living more, and not less. Enjoying intensely, creating new memories, writing your own life, discovering new places and learning how to look the world through other person's eyes. Sharing is living the journey accompanied, even if we walk alone.
ON THE GO!Always in movement
The world is in constant movement and we move with it. The distances are shortened, the destinations approach each other and life is happening at a more vertiginous pace.The change becomes a way of life. And we, always in transit, must adapt to the new speeds. Who lives faster, lives twice!